Ugens BCorp: Kaffe Bueno

af Trine Reese Ptak


Kaffe Bueno started their business as a not so ordinary coffee company. From knowing the conditions that coffee farmers work by – to all the waste grounded coffee makes, the three Columbians wanted to make a company which focused on the whole value chain from seed to bean to coffee grounds to oil. Now they are working hard as ever to make the coffee consumption sustainable.


Q: Describe Kaffe Bueno with 3 words
A: Innovative, Conscious, Holistic

Q: Why did Kaffe Bueno become a Pending B Corp?
A: We decided to get into the b corp movement/certification because we wanted to demonstrate that we do things right throughout our whole value chain.

Q: Why is it important for you to be a Pending B Corp?
A: It is important for us for various reasons, the main one being mentioned in the previous question. Also because it allows us to connect with other organizations who share our values.

Q: What has been the benefits?
A: It has opened some doors to us in the sense that when companies that know about B Corp see you as a company are part of it, then it breaks down the entry barrier by providing credibility and trust towards my company and to me as a professional.

Q: What effects have this had on your company?
A: Although since before we started Kaffe Bueno we’ve always inculcated transparency and consciousness in the DNA of everything we do, the B Corp assessment allowed us to go deeper on our introspective analysis of our operations, consequently doing things better.

Q: What challenges have you experienced being a responsible business?
A: Sometimes being a responsible business can be perceived as a not for profit, which change the way people want to do business with you.

Q: How did you become aware of the B Corp movement?
A: A couple of years ago when I was doing my bachelors and drafting Kaffe Bueno’s business plan, I started to look into businesses who did good for the environment and society without leaving aside profits. B Corp popped up and I was hooked. From thereon we look for B Corps that we can work with within our operations, such as our export partner in Colombia, Caravela.

Q: Where are your company going next?
A: We’re currently expanding our vision and operations into new markets. We’re no longer a company that directly trades with farmers in Colombia only, but also a company extending coffee’s life by recycling its waste and turning it into useful and valuable products.

Q: A good advice to other companies
A: on contrast on what many people think, doing business in a conscious way doesn’t mean no profits or less profits… It’s the opposite way around, if you do business in a good way, you’re able to add value to all your stakeholders in a more impactful way, leading to more opportunities, more business, more sales and therefore: more profits.
So, my advice is, be good, be bueno.

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