Kaffe Bueno

Kaffe Bueno serves as a bridge between you; the coffee-lover; and the person who makes the coffee you love, the farmer. We aim to inspire, motivate and demonstrate to people that quality coffee and sustainability should have no boundaries. By being the only intermediary between the coffee lover and the coffee grower, we create sustainable growth in farming communities in Colombia, while at the same time increase the quality of the coffee produced. In our aim to go one step further, we have developed a system in which we recycle the coffee waste from our clients.

Being a B Corp is a natural step, for us since it represents everything we support and actively promote with our products and actions. Our reason for becoming a B Corp, is that we believe this is the most effective way to ensure we will keep going on the right path, and no matter how big Kaffe Bueno grows, its values and principles will always remain the same. B Corp assessment and evaluation helps towards that goal.