Astrid Carl

Name: Astrid Carl
Title: CEO
Organization: Green Moves ApS
Country of Operation: Denmark – globally Online
Areas of Expertise: Environmental sustainability is my area of expertise. Within this field I have particular experience with all the aspects of circular economy: business models, collaborations, take-back systems, product re-design, and more.

Email | Telephone: +(45) 71794593 | LinkedIn | Website

As a trained B Leader I have assisted a clean tech company in the B Corp process. With a background in natural sciences, a huge experience in legal work and extensive work experience from corporate and small companies I am well prepared to assist companies in developing the needed documentation. I work from the board room to the shop floor and understand how to combine strategies with actions. I am skilled in design thinking, implementation and nudging. I have helped in the green transition in companies from food production, restaurants, event industry, construction sector, decomposers and recycling industry, clean tech, transportation, furniture production, iron & metal industry, pest control, shoe/textile industry, security control, service companies, financial sector and more. Due to my broad experience, I work with any kind of company. I am located in the middle of Jutland and am experienced in online support.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:

“I founded Green Moves ApS in 2016 to contribute to saving the World and hence it is only natural to join a movement that uses companies as “A Force for Good”.”