Elisabet Lagerstedt

Name: Elisabet Lagerstedt
Title: Founder and Director of Future Navigators I Nordic B Leader I Executive Advisor, Consultant & Coach
Organization: Future Navigators
Country of Operation: Sweden (working internationally, operating in Swedish and English)
Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategy, innovation and transformation for Better Business
  • Leadership training and development
  • Executive Coaching for expanded impact
  • Keynote speaker


Navigera in i framtiden (2018)
Better Business Better Future (2022)

Email | Telephone: +46 702 677287 | LinkedIn  | Website: www.future-navigators.com & www.elisabetlagerstedt.com

My mission is inspiring business leaders to move beyond business as usual to build Better Business and a Better Future. I do that through writing, speaking, training, advising, consulting, and executive coaching.

Why, you may wonder…

I was early on in my career responsible for one of Sweden’s first and leading sustainability brands (Grumme), which opened my eyes to an avenue beyond business as usual already in the late 1990ies. At that time I was in my late 20ies and early 30ies, and still did not have the experience and tool box that I have available today. About ten years ago, in asking questions like “How can I make a more meaningful difference”, it was however absolutely clear to me that I needed to step up my game, better contribute to co-creating the future that I believe we all want for our children and coming generations, and ultimately share what I learn on the way to inspire and empower other business leaders to step up too.

Today, I bring 25+ years of business experience – of which 15 years on management team level in responsible companies across several industries, categories and geographies. 

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A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:
“I decided to join the B Corp Movement to help accelerate change. The world of business indeed has the potential to transform into a force for good and to accelerate the changes and transformations that we need for the good of humanity and our planet. The B Corp Movement can help create a thriving future that we need through a more resilient and equitable business community.”