Helene Haas-Madsen

Name: Helene Haas-Madsen

Title: Sustainable Business Change Manager and Advisor

Organization: empiricom

Country of Operation: Hillerød, Denmark

Areas of Expertise: Business development, ESG strategy, strategy implementation, presentation material, internal and external communication, training & facilitation

Email | Telephone: +45 6056 3408 | LinkedIn | Website

I help businesses develop areas of corporate sustainability and responsibility (CSR) and communication. I create analysis and action plans for sustainable businesses, I advise, coach, teach and inspire employees, specialists and management on HOW to do it. I communicate actions, activities and results both internally and externally.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:

“I see the movement as a unique way and method to get around all corners of developing a sustainable business with a focus on HOW to do it. I am keen on helping as many companies as possible, big or small. I hope to join a group of passionate and skilled consultants because I believe that together we can make the most impact and difference using all available competencies and knowledge across professions and backgrounds.”