Jacob Fink Ferdinand

Name: Jacob Fink Ferdinand
Title: Sustainable change and collective leadership facilitator
Organization: Third Stone Labs
Country of Operation: Denmark
Areas of Expertise:

  • Sustainable business development
  • environmental aspects
  • climate change
  • CO2 accounting
  • circular economy
  • certifications
  • International development cooperation and private sector engagement
  • collective action
  • stakeholder dialogues and engagements
  • partnerships development

EmailTelephone: +45 4068 0207 | LinkedIn |Website  

Third Stone Labs is a consultancy since 2020, with expertise in the three pillars: Sustainable business development, international development cooperation in environment and climate change, and collective leadership.

We support small and medium-sized businesses in their endeavor to more sustainable and impact-focused business practices by facilitating the development of strategies, analyses, and capacity building. 

We do development research, formulate and evaluate environmental and climate-centered development projects for Governments and development NGOs. 

We are practitioners and experts in designing and implementing effective collection action through stakeholder dialogues, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and partnerships for sustainable transformation for multiple types of customers.

As an environmental engineer and with a diploma in business administration, Jacob Fink Ferdinand has been working in the field of environment, climate change, and sustainable development connected with business development, and public-private collaboration since 1998.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:
“B Corp has the right approach of attempting to create real sustainability and transformational change from the private sector by promoting and advancing sustainable impact solutions. I also find the impact assessment tool personally compelling and a very strong asset for companies wanting to gradually advance sustainability practices. The scientifically based knowledge and the metrics built into the tool add trustworthiness and speak well to business management.”