Kati Björninen

Name: Kati Björninen
Title: Design consultant
Organization: Studio Kati Björninen Oy
Country of operation: Finland, working globally
Areas of Expertise:

  • Circular design, circular thinking tools
  • Product and business design, design strategy, product development from vision to implementation
  • Material technologies and manufacturing processes, supply chain collaboration

Email | Telephone: +358503546961 | LinkedIn

I am committed to help preserve our lovely planet, people and communities and guide businesses to do so too. A designer with a passion for sustainability and circularity, which are high priorities in my work, and I see a shift from linear to circular being inevitable across industries.
I have broad experience from vision and strategy to product development, materials, and technologies with a broad international supplier network. Experienced working with global brands, SMEs and start-ups, both with leadership and factories. Educated as an industrial designer and have a background in both corporate and consulting.
I enjoy combining my design expertise when helping companies become a force for good, ​both with business, systems, circular and product & service design.

Brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:

“Curiosity and desire to help companies create a positive impact brought me to the B Corp movement and to B Leader training. Innovative business models, products and services, like-minded people and certified B Corps that already are examples for others got me inspired. The B Impact Assessment tool is very practical and can help businesses to measure their impact thoroughly, perform better and become more sustainable as businesses. The tool is also a useful, concrete guide for continuous development, future actions and roadmaps.”