Louise Klüwer

Name: Louise Klüwer
Title: Senior Advisor & Project Manager
Organization: Stupid Studio
Country of Operation: Denmark based, working globally
Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategy & Facilitation
  • Branding, Identity, & Experience 
  • Cultural Transformation

Email | Telephone: +45 20875208 | LinkedIn | Website

Imagine if what we do today could make life better for the coming generations. Then it would be silly not to, right?

Our playful design and innovation studio works with purpose-driven partners to turn challenges into opportunities. We help organisations rethink their role in the world and bring out the best in their brand and people.

As designers, we’re great at reading the world around us and what it takes to get people excited about your cause, brand, service, and product. Come to us, if you’re committed and eager to create a positive social impact.

We work across:
Strategy & Facilitation
Branding, Identity & Experience
Cultural Transformation

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A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:
“It’s hard not to feel concerned about the state of our planet. But even more, it would be reckless if we didn’t try to do something about it – for us and for future generations.

At Stupid Studio, we firmly believe that if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, we should go together. And to us, that’s what being part of the B Corp movement is all about.

In the past, we’ve worked with numerous bold organisations that want to create a positive impact. With B Corp, we’ve gained a community, framework, and toolbox to help us constantly improve how we work and support our partners to use their business as a force for good.”