Mia Castenskjold

Name: Mia Castenskjold
Title: Culture change advisor / Co-founder GmbH ApS
Organization: GmbH ApS
Country of Operation: Scandinavia, UK, US
Areas of Expertise:

  • Creative Industries and Hospitality
  • Culture Strategy and Transformation
  • Leadership Development
  • People & Organisation

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Mia Castenskjold is a B Leader specialising in the areas of culture, people, and brand.
Paying attention to details in the dynamics between people has always come naturally to her and allows her to mediate and build authentic relationships for her clients as much as for herself.

Her diplomatic and cross-functional approach helps her to observe an organisation holistically while she is committed to empowering people to recognise their own strengths and abilities.

Through her company GmbH, Mia has strategically advised the executive teams of some of the UK’s most prestigious hospitality developments, as well as business founders and startups.

Prior to founding GmbH, Mia led cultural relationships and strategic communications for global fashion brands like Acne Studios.

After two decades in London, working across Europe, the US, and Asia, Mia has recently relocated to her native Copenhagen.

She is a former member of the faculty of Central Saint Martins and earned her B.A. Honours degree from Central St. Martins College of Art.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:
“I’m fully aligned with the unifying goal to transform business into a force for good. Being part of the B-corp movement is, in my opinion, a way to influence systemic change and encourage businesses to adopt more sustainable and ethical practices. It’s about fostering a sense of collective responsibility, where businesses recognise their own role in addressing social and environmental challenges.”