Michael von Bülow

Name: Michael von Bülow
Title: Director & Consultant
Organization:  +vonbülow.co
Country of Operation: Danmark
Areas of Expertise: 

  • Sustainability/ESG, Strategic consulting, Management consulting, Change management
  • Industries: Construction, Landscapists, Landscape gardeners, Properties, Prefab construction – in Denmark as well as internationally 

Email | Telephone: +45 53538118

I help companies integrate sustainability and implement it in all the different corners of the organization. I see sustainability as a license to operate in an increasing amount of sectors and help the companies seize the opportunities as a way to improve their business – and their market position. I am experienced in consulting companies from Denmark, Europe and the Middle East and therefore have a comprehensive understanding of international market trends, creating impact on a larger scale and cross-cultural collaboration.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement: 

“Our commitment is to “make a difference” for our client and their relations to the society, the climate, the environment, the people around us and in the big picture the globe. Working with B Corp gives us a structure which help us to see the impact of our activity in a 360degre mode.”