Sari Kuvaja

Name: Sari Kuvaja
Title: Director, Sustainability services
Organization: Third Rock
Country of Operation: Finland, Germany
Areas of Expertise: 25 years of experience in sustainability consultancy: Sustainable strategies, Sustainable leadership, Sustainability reporting, Corporate activism, Corporate partnerships with NGOs, and Coaching in career development in the field of sustainability.

Industries I’ve worked with include: architecture, digital agencies, food and beverage, forestry, marketing, retail, service sector, textiles.

Email |Telephone: +358 40 528 2820 | LinkedIn | Website

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement

“In my opinion, the economy should serve the well-being of people and the planet and not the other way around, and the change towards this must be accelerated. I want to be involved in speeding up this change.”