Siva Balasubramanian

Name: Siva Balasubramanian
Title: Partner and Director
Organization: Partner Consulting ApS
Country of Operation: Denmark, India
Areas of Expertise:

Advice on the transition to sustainable business
Coaching and workshop on the UN Sustainable Development Global Goals, transition towards SDGs.
IFGICT – ICT Standard © Audit – for  Sustainable IT certification
Sustainability audit and reporting to SMEs
Coaching, workshop on sustainability and green transformation
SaaS product SAM360 that can document, measure and monitor organizational efforts towards UNSDGs.


Assess and improve business practices in organizations
Achieve concrete certification objectives
Embed sustainability as a core element of a company culture
Help navigate B Corp certification process
Train employees and stakeholders in B Corp method

Email | Telephone: +45 3696 4252 | LinkedIn | Website

We help organisations in starting and accelerating their journey towards sustainability. We are your professional partner to ensure your company’s green agenda and sustainable transformation. With our SaaS platform SAM360™, we enable you to measure, document and maintain your company’s work with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

Our mission is to maximize the business value of your business through our products and services. We help you build a sustainable business model putting people, planet and process in line with your profit.

You have a value-based business and want a B Corp certification. We help you navigate the certification process – and the process after you have received your certification.

You get a professional and reliable partner who can help you:

  • assess and improve business practices in your organization
  • achieve concrete certification objectives
  • embed sustainability as a core element of your company culture now and in the future

The goal together is to do our best to create a more sustainable global economy – and we start locally.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:

“I am a strong believer of “life long learning” and there cannot be a better opportunity than being a part of a network of like minded people with an objective of building a better world by helping out businesses to be a force for good. I would be happy to share and learn my experiences with the fellow professionals and also looking for business opportunities through the network.”