Sofie Klint Koefoed

Name: Sofie Klint
Title: Independant Consultant
Organization: Klint Sustainable Impact
Country of Operation: Denmark
Areas of Expertise:

  • B Corp Certification consulting
  • Sustainable strategies and ESG reporting
  • Project management and coordination

Email | Telephone: +45 30364129 | LinkedIn 

Helping SMEs build the foundation for future operations by anchoring ESG metrics and practices into their business models (for instance via the B Corp certification process). I have experience with project management and coordination in both startups and scale ups as well as big financial and logistics institutions where I have worked with governance and reporting as well as strategy. 

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:

“B Corp resonates well with my values and my approach to change – it is radical when needed, yet very practical and solution oriented. Deciding to become a B Leader and part of the B Leader Consultant Network is very much motivated by a desire to meet with like minded, be inspired and inspire, as well as helping the B Corp Nordic branch flourish.”