Jeanette Lauridsen

Name: Jeanette Lauridsen
Title: Sustainable Advicer (Also Partner & Owner)
Organization: dichmann | lauridsen (here I am partner) Be Sustainable ApS (Owner)
Country of Operation: Mainly Denmark, also other Nordic countries, Germany and Baltic (English speaking)
Areas of Expertise: Sustainable actions, Sustainable Business Models, Preparing for B-Corp, all kind of industries, Documentation ex. Co2 and ESG reports.

Email | Telephone: +45 51242649 | LinkedIn | Website 

I have been working with sustainability and responsible supply chains for the past 12-15 years and since 2019 in my own company. I am educated and have been working in the textile industry for many years. Today I am helping companies in many sectors.

I love to share my knowledge, I have the best days when I am able to move my customers or listeners into acting in a more responsible way. For me it is important that we listen to each other and connect with other companies, we cannot solve all sustainability issues by ourselves. As a sustainable advisor, my biggest impact is when I am able to hand over the project to my customer and they, based on the learning they have achieved, can continue the process by themselves.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement

“For me, B-Corp is one of the most important movements in the Sustainable area. Here we find a tool to make sure that, we get around in ALL corners of a company. As a very structured person, BIA makes so much sense, because as going along in the questions, you secure both developments but also find “the holes in the cheese”. Where you think you had made a clever solution or you think you are actually doing well, with BIA, you are not able to think you have to prove. For me, B Corp should be mandatory for all companies to look into and at least to make a BIA to realise where we are on the sustainable journey. For me, B Corp is for those companies who really take their responsibilities seriously and want to act on their responsibility.”

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