Maria Peltokangas

Name: Maria Peltokangas
Title: Managing Director
Organization: Corporate Good AS
Country of Operation: Norway, Sweden
Areas of Expertise: B Impact Assessment, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Citizenship, Sustainability, SDGs, Keynote speaker

Email | Telephone: +47 416 79 222 | LinkedIn | Website 

Corporate Good is a sustainability consultancy that helps organisations integrate responsibility in their business operations. We have a practical approach and for us it is important that sustainability and corporate responsibility is an integrated part of your operations and that you involve all your employees in this work. Our goal is to help you become a responsible company that takes responsibility for both the people and planet.

We support you with the B Corp certification process to help your company document, develop, prioritise and manage your sustainability efforts in an practical way. In addition we provide consulting, workshops, and training, as well as speaking engagements in sustainability.

Maria Peltokangas joined Corporate Good in 2015 as the managing director. She has extensive experience within strategy, change, communications and sustainability from roles as manager, consultant and project manager in both SMEs and large international organisations. Maria is also a certified Climate Reality Leader since 2020.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement
My motivation to get up in the morning every day is to help people and businesses to care and take more responsibility for our communities and the planet. Being part of the B Corp movement that has such a holistic and thorough approach to sustainability really motivates me. In addition, it is really inspiring to be part of a community with such a strong focus to collaborate and help each other to improve.” 

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