Mathias Majlund

Name: Mathias Selchau Majlund
Title: Adviser in Sustainability and Strategy
Organization: Transition ApS
Country of Operation: Denmark 
Areas of Expertise: Business development, ESG reporting, circular economy, strategy implementation, B Corp assistance.

Email | Telephone: +(45) 30 26 13 34 | LinkedIn | Website

Highly motivated individual within business development and entrepreneurship. Passionate about working with businesses and organizations that are moving towards sustainable business models and supporting them in developing sustainable business practices. Able to contribute with the latest knowledge in international business, business incubation, sustainability, circular economy, CSR, B corp, and triple bottom line.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:

“I find B Corp to be one of the few certifications that covers all aspects of sustainable business. I particularly like the practical approach of the B Impact Assessment and how it enables companies to evaluate and improve their impact on all three bottom lines while accommodating both small and large companies across all industries.”

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