Rasmus Christensen

Name: Rasmus Christensen
Title: Senior Advisor
Organization: VALIRAS
Country of Operation: Denmark
Areas of Expertise:

  • CSR / ESG strategy development and integration framework
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Building resilient sourcing strategies
  • Value Chain management – B2B/B2C
  • Change management
  • Holistic leadership

Email | Telephone: +45 6130 7750 | LinkedIn | Website

Senior Advisor with more than 20 years experience in responsible sourcing, value chain management and sustainable business strategy and integration. Extensive experience from the furniture, textile, and fashion industry. Former buying director and member of senior management. Today I support and advise company owners and board of directors in responsible business practices, resilient supply chains, strategy development and not least help B Corp aspiring companies find the smoothest pathway to certification.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement: 

“I appreciate the obvious necessity for companies to make a profit and stay relevant to customers. B Corp’s holistic approach supports that better than any other initiative or movement by offering relevant guidance in supporting companies’ ability to grow, increase profit and create more workplaces. All done in a responsible way without jeopardizing the planet for future generations.”

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