Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist

Name: Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist
Title: Head of CSR
Organization: Sourcing House ApS
Country of Operation: Denmark
Areas of Expertise

Business counseling on responsible business conduct and CSR/ESG, including due diligence, strategy development, and operational implementation, certifications, training, and impact assessments to understand and develop relevant impact business model

Email | Telephone: +45 27 63 99 08 | LinkedIn | Website

Sourcing House has offered counselling to businesses since 2004 with the aim of putting social and environmental responsibility at the center of the textile industry. Since, we have expanded to other industries but with the same focus – to support businesses in conducting responsible businesses practices. We help companies identify and understand their (positive and negative) impact and to act in accordance both with own ambitions and with external expectations, e.g. due diligence requirements.

By translating responsible business conduct into tangible actions, we aim at making it easier to bring ambitions into daily practice. We support organisations in documenting their practices through product-, material- and organisational certifications, e.g. B Corp, GOTS, GRS, RWS, FSC, EU Eco label.

We support businesses through all processes of the B Corp certification, from identification of relevant impact business models to prioritisation, training and implementation including counselling on responsible production, sourcing and supplier partnerships.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement: 

To me the B Corp movement is both a motivation for myself – gathering energy by being a part of the B Corp community, to nourish the transition to a social just and green transition – and a way to inspire companies to a change of business as we know it, sparking a desire to build something better and create real and tangible change.

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