Stine Møller Jacobsen

Name: Stine Møller Jacobsen
Title: Sustainability Futurist
Organization: Worldhugger
Country of Operation: Denmark 
Areas of Expertise: 

  • Sustainable business models
  • Regenerative leadership
  • Workshops on B Corp, the SDGs and interbeing
  • B Impact Assessment
  • Heart centered and future fit business models and leadership

Email | Telephone: +(45) 6166 9209 | LinkedIn | Website

With me, you get a dedicated helper and facilitator who can guide you through the certification process.
I will help you understand the process and every step on the way to the certification. I am your guide on the journey and will make sure that the knowledge it requires to be certified is well anchored in your company so that after the process, you will stand strong and have the required knowledge on every aspect of the certification.
I will help you stay heart-centered on the journey, so that the technical solutions, reports and dry figures make sense for the entire system.
It is important to me that the required documents and procedures make sense and have genuine value for the company and are shaped in a format that is easy to relate to.
I offer B Corp Impact Assessment guidance, workshops, training and speaking engagements on sustainability.

A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement:

“The B Corp certification is an excellent tool to move toward holistic sustainable business models, and I would love to work with any company, that are dedicated enough to a more sustainable world, to dive into this serious approach.”

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