Tanja Gotthardsen

Name: Tanja Gotthardsen
Title: Independent consultant, researcher and activist
Organisation: Continual
Country of residence: Denmark
Areas of expertise: Fashion / Textiles / Apparel (also specializing in social and environmental policy including anti-greenwashing)


A brief statement about your motivation to be part of the movement

“To me, what motivated me towards becoming a B Leader was not as much about the certification per se, as it was about finding yet another tool to highlight how sustainability work is first and foremost about holistic, systemic engagement. This also means doing the inner work – assessing and facing oneself, daring to explore, and rising to the occasion. These days, focus still remains largely on product compliance, without fully assessing business conduct, and with the B Impact Assessment in hand, I have yet another point of departure for starting that conversation with my clients.” 

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